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Currently, we offer a special promotion for our Art Jamming sessions. You can choose between the CASUAL LEVEL for $39.90 or the MASTER LEVEL for $59.90, both of which are 3-hour sessions and include your choice of drinks or Gelato.

The primary distinction lies in the level of difficulty. CASUAL is designed to be beginner-friendly, making it ideal for first-time participants and children. On the other hand, MASTER is more advanced, allowing for the creation of impressive artwork with patience and teamwork.

No, it’s not a guided session. As the name implies, it’s a three-hour, easy-entry session that encourages you to unleash your creativity on a blank Bisque baseplate.

We supply the following materials: 1 blank Bisque, an appropriate quantity of vibrant mosaic bricks, a bowl and drawknife, Rasin Glue or Cream Glue, Filler, Sponge, Disposable gloves, and Wet tissues.

We offer a DRYER BOX for drying your artworks. You’re welcome to take your paintings home as a perfect keepsake of your Art Jamming experience.

Children aged 10 and below must be accompanied by at least one paying adult as our sessions are self-guided. Non-Art Jamming customers can wait for their kids or friends for up to 90 minutes in the cafe during peak hours, but they must dine in with food and drinks.

Certainly! Inform our counter staff that you’re an Art Jamming customer, and you’ll receive a 10% discount on regular-priced food and beverage items.

Should you require additional time, you have the option to extend your session on the same day at $10 per person per hour, subject to seat availability. Alternatively, you can return on a weekday for $23 per person for a 3-hour session to continue your painting. Please note that a surcharge of $2 per person applies during peak periods.

You can easily book your session by visiting our website or by reach out to us via WhatsApp at ‪+65 8683 5616‬.‬

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